22 players Online! - Crysis 1 Multiplayer Gameplay ★

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  • Crysis 1 Multiplayer Gameplay in map Beach with 22 players21:40. Have fun and Happy new years!!!

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14/05/2017 VSSP
crytek need to get their heads out of their asses and pay homage to their greatest achievement, bring back Crysis 1 mechanics, movement and gameplay and weapon realism and map sizes but in a much more optimized and balanced state. Crysis 1 still has so much that no other game matched and we're talking a 10 year old game. A true evolution to the fps sci-fi experience, The new Quake doesn't offer anything besides nostalgia and COD and BF just release the same games for 10 years. Come on Crytek blow everyone away. And I'm talking about a fully balanced and functional multiplayer experience

04/05/2017 WaR_RoM II Pabliksteyl

04/05/2017 WaR_RoM II Pabliksteyl

01/05/2017 Nervnerd 2000
please pass the link to download crysis wars, all pages of dowload are dead

27/04/2017 Kenan Çınar
just 7 player online i need more man :D

09/04/2017 VideoGameLova1
What an absolute clusterfuck of a chat.

29/03/2017 moha glade
i've never saw crysis in multiplayer AMAZING

17/03/2017 DrR1pper
Some bloody good memories with this game. Anyone else here that was an active member of the incrysis forum?

16/03/2017 UltRaAsam14
hi guys için cant enter my accaunt plase help me

28/02/2017 CLG killer Πολυχρονοπουλος
y stell nab:D

16/02/2017 Simon M
Hey buddy. You uploaded this just a month ago. Are there still guys playing on the official server? I really would like to play in the good old days but I tought the offical mp has been shut down.

10/02/2017 XTR3MM3
Dude, is there now servers with players? i cant find them : its so sad, so good game, but gamespy is prob...

07/02/2017 SeRiousAle
hey man i'm an old crysis 1 and 3 player, i'm gonna play the first one again! thank you ;

06/02/2017 Kapral1489

05/02/2017 CLG killer Πολυχρονοπουλος
hey i am greekkiller13 i am back at crysis :3 now run go play with me like old times

31/01/2017 Görkem Nişancı
in the past servers were full good old times:

27/01/2017 Aishwarya P. Rana
Hi , i installed my Crysis 1 game , but can't play multiplayer , it says disconnected from server , do it needs to be updated to connect to the servers ? I heard the servers are shut down so how are you playing ?

21/01/2017 Constantin Galeata
Hey, ca someone help : I always have this error trying to play on server 2 net_pb_sv_enable false .... Thanks in advance

19/01/2017 Constantin Galeata
Can someone tell me where I can find keygen ?

19/01/2017 Constantin Galeata
This game ruined my childhood ... and adolescene ... : : : .... I'll install it ... do people still play ? :

17/01/2017 Project Amateur
the player here totally forgets the silencer on, and always gets owned by others in 1_on_1 gunfights.

17/01/2017 Project Amateur
Nice Multiplayer! My version is : .
Can it support multiplayer?

05/01/2017 Vinland Countryball
man, please create a video with a one match full of crysis multiplayer, ok?

04/01/2017 DAk
subscribed. how can you still play the multiplayer? i used to play it when gamespy was still there, it was my favourite game. the campaign was great and the multy player too. the maps were huge, you cant even find maps this huge in todays shooter games


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