How to Transfer Photos/Videos from Pc to Iphone.MOV

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  • This only transfer data from computerlaptopMac to your iphone.It doesnt transfer data from iphone to computerLatopMac

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07/06/2016 Amanda Rodríguez
i didn't understand nothing !

22/12/2015 Willy Ponadi
what did you type on 0:55 ?

19/11/2015 Reese Simpson
u cri evera tim

19/11/2015 Game Slayer780
oh does it work with windows

19/11/2015 Game Slayer780
thnx man i really need to find one of these the rest just sucked
thnx again :

13/11/2015 Zohora Akther
pader vdo banaise mejasta.....aktto 6% charge abr bujao jaitase na re niya nacha nachi kortase....bujao jay na mobile a naki pc te....gadha beta.....amr pura 5 ta minit r 12 ta second waist koira falaise....baal!!! amr time ar ki dam nai!?!?! abr use kore Android-ipone !!! akto vdo ghola abar kutta o chilaitase....incomplet vdo.... :

26/09/2015 Vojtěch Lolicek
Really, really thanks!!!! It is still working :D

20/07/2015 Govannak
I have to download Java!

01/06/2015 Leon Vanderlist
Haha was für ein schlechtes Englisch oha 😂😂

20/03/2015 Merry Nib
Hey! What is IP address n how can u creat it ?

01/12/2014 Arthur B
no I lied, its Roldip

01/12/2014 Arthur B
my name is Tinder

30/09/2014 praneeth reddy
thanks buddy

30/09/2014 praneeth reddy
good solution its working

20/08/2014 entertainment
zain dont image i folder i dont know why.

19/08/2014 Simply Mel
I really don't get this nobody watch

03/08/2014 jorko1221
haha Indians  cant speak English :D

22/07/2014 joy saraf
i'm not getting the page you are getting, help me out

08/06/2014 Theus Quindipan

01/06/2014 Rikaz Raheem
Wow good Software to transfer vidoes from PC to Iphone 5 S ! Thanks for you Information about this ! 

25/04/2014 HFBROZ
U made my IP address not work : thank u so much, don't listen to this guy it doesn't work

16/03/2014 nouf m
how i open this site on my laptopp?

11/03/2014 Xpothesis Formule
um my IOS is not enough to download to my iphone

21/02/2014 WelshKingz
Think I've fallen victim to a virus here... Sent to Java download and now the IP address doesn't work. Hmmmmm


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