How to setup Simple Mobile Apple iPhone APN Settings iPhone 5 and 6 iOS 8

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  • Settings


    Cellular Data Network

    Cellular APN
    apn: simple

    apn: simple

    apn: simple


    mms proxy:

    max msg size: 1048576

26/02/2017 johndelle jusay
its okay to change ?? my sim is globe telecom ??

12/02/2017 CerysRob 26
I have that pink phone I'm texting on it now

In my iphone i cant se cellular option its showing me mobile data plz help me

06/08/2016 ohMARVIN
In the last part you said "uaprof.rds" but you typed in "usprof.rdf". Terrible quality tutorial video. Waste of time.

24/07/2016 3Meitli
Thank you! Very helpful.

19/07/2016 Tommy TwoTone
The fly guy do you simple mobile

17/07/2016 TheFlyGuy821
Um I have the iPhone 6s and my hotspot stopped working and I have simple mobile

01/06/2016 maurice lakes
I did like theUsassassin  did and it work thanks. Date 612016

11/03/2016 Lal Tamang
It works but we need to turn offon phone.Thank you so much sir for this useful video.

07/03/2016 prince2thethrone
i just did it like TheUsassassin said and it worked for me, i put in the codes , and then turn the phone off and cut it back on and it worked.. date is 372016

06/03/2016 Jon Tovar
Idk if you can help me with this but I got a htc desire 626 and I can't enable the mobile hotspot on it, there's data on it and it says I'm not subscribed to hotspot, what do I do?? Reset the cellular data?

28/02/2016 Ty rek
Dose this work for straight talk

22/02/2016 Jessica Joslyn
My question with this is my hot spot doesn't come up at all so maybe its just my carrier because i use straight talk which does through at&t towers could that be my problem

24/01/2016 20032003mcmc Gm

30/12/2015 TheUsassassin
For anyone running 9.0+ firmware put in all of the settings exactly as shown but do not put anything for mms proxy or message size and reset it and it will work...after trying to fix this issue for almost a week I finally figured that out this method working as of 123015

28/12/2015 Marco Podis
listen up!!!!
apn: alpha
mms apn: alpha
the rest of the info is correct but try that.

01/11/2015 Lamone Mitchell
iOS 9??????

18/10/2015 Alex Krowka
Worked for me, thank you sir! Although I think you have to turn the phone off and on. I don't think you mentioned that.

04/10/2015 Diva Killer
Not freaking working

11/09/2015 erika
I've had no problems with Simple Mobile till now. My internet on my Iphone5s has stopped working and i know it's not a phone issue since my mom has simple mobile too and it's not working for her either :

01/09/2015 StringTheory
backslash backslash ....those are forward slashes, just saying :\

29/08/2015 Danielle Levy
doesn't work.

22/08/2015 edgar batista
You really going to fast i couldnt understand when you say wapw something

15/08/2015 Ahmed Sulayman
thanks, works with 4s

20/07/2015 phanny so


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