How to Download ANY FILE Type on iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3G, 3GS

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  • This tutorial teaches you how to download any file type on iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3gS, 3G including images, videos, documents, pdf, excel and even zip or rar files and transfer the downloaded files to your computer. You will also learn how to unzip or uncompress your zip or rar files ON your iPhone and have the ability to download and play unlimited music.

    Compatible: iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS, 3G
    Requirements: iOS 4.3+
29/12/2016 J-quan Nooks
What about apps

17/12/2016 SHAKIL MAMUD
can i download YoTube video on my i phone with this apps ...?

09/09/2016 A.J.O. Manalansan
Holy Shit!!! This is the Kind of Application I WAS LOOKING FOR!!!! CHEERS DUDE THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Its working like a charm, It can download Files!!! LOFE SAVER!!! Thumbs up for this video, it deserves it.

10/01/2016 Jonny Tsunami
That shit shit don't work boy

22/12/2015 Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemuhwem Osas

04/10/2015 Dan Dascalescu
Summary: install No need for a video if you put this in the description.

08/05/2015 Cold FiЯE
IOS.. the dumbest OS ever created

26/04/2015 Brandon Kieng
Was this app taken down cause I can find it?

20/04/2015 Eiqu Miller

14/04/2015 DaveyP.Official
Stupid. And fucking retarded does NOT work when you click download button

21/12/2014 JSnoop31
Works great!!! Thanks!!!

23/11/2014 Faddli Syamsul
Thanks! You are the best! 
I already sold my iphone when I thought it can't do this. I can't believe it just needs an app.

16/11/2014 Raismy Roa Demos
Thanks Dude Your The Best Men :D 

16/10/2014 Qasim Saeed
What a shitty iphone idea

14/05/2014 mara n
Does to work if u want to use a generator like to hack diamonds and shit

16/12/2013 saewa
Not help me too fast : my English not good and I try to replay but still not get. I kinda like your video but I can't just listen I have to to see how to write.

25/10/2013 Joshua Arnold
how do you delete itransmission? mine didnt install correctly but i cant completley delete it

06/10/2013 vgorous
get the new BlackBerry. you can download any files using the native browser. it's like a mini computer, but a BlackBerry phone. I download all my music from google into my phone. even .mkv movies.

22/09/2013 Thamer Alqdidy

25/08/2013 Ge Rock
Does this work for ipod..... Pls reply

15/07/2013 Murad Talibov
So bad that music doesn't appear in music app

01/06/2013 DoItForDummies
My tutorials are gradually slowing down D

01/06/2013 DoItForDummies
What did you try to download?

25/05/2013 Nicole Me
next time do it slowly to be able to get it .....

25/05/2013 Nicole Me
do not work !!!!!


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