Simple Mobile Picture Message MMS Web Settings iPhone 6 6+ plus iOS 8

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    Make sure the MMS Messaging is turned "On"
    Make sure Enable 3G and Enable LTE are "On"

    Then go to "Cellular Data Network" and fill in with these settings

    Cellular Data
    APN - simple
    Username - leave bank
    Password - leave blank

    APN - simple
    Username - leave blank
    Password - leave blank
    MMSC -
    MMS Proxy -
    MMS Max Message Size - 1048576
    MMS UA Prof URL - leave blank

    Internet Tethering
    APN - leave blank
    Username - leave bank
    Password - leave blank
27/03/2017 Escuela San Roque
Ok if i am with ting , i don't put : SIMPLE right ? Instead I put Ting ?

18/11/2016 Janet Just Janet
What are you eating?😋

05/11/2016 Gregory Collado
I can get the pictures but I can't send pictures why

18/10/2016 sneakymrkiller
Thank u so much

14/10/2016 Vladimir Amador
Fucking gum !!!hate it !!!

11/10/2016 Christ Doda
Can u get the shit out of ur mouth and don't eat in ur vids

02/10/2016 Tyrion Lannister
The mms part doesn't show up on my phone..

29/09/2016 greaterrome
this didn't work for a simple mobile 6s running 10.0.2 iOS

26/09/2016 The juice
It worked for me. Turn off and turn bac on. Done"

15/09/2016 Deborah Garcia
Do yu have a video for metropcs

15/06/2016 jado4you
i have 6plus unlock 9.3.2 versin its not working on it anything you know about it ?

03/06/2016 Felipe Melgar
i did everything as explained and it doesn't work

16/05/2016 Karly J
Informative but the chewing kills it 😏

14/05/2016 quincy johnson
I turned my phone on and off and still can't get the groupmms category or buttons help please !!! iOS 9.3.2 iPhone 6s Plus Metro Pcs

25/04/2016 Jay LA Vlogs
Thank you so much this helped me a lot!

21/04/2016 Glenn Plays
Thanks for the video it helped but please don't eat or chew when you make a video please thank you

31/03/2016 Juan Badillo
My iPhone doesn't send pictures it's a AT&T phone how can I do it

30/03/2016 Lisa Chao
I followed these steps but it still doesn't work , please help !

23/02/2016 Vanessa Castillo
Alguien que hable español ? 😭 Hace meses atrás compre el iPhone 6s I lo conecte con T móbile I decidí cambiarlo a Metro Pcs pero este no quiere enviar mensajes Mms a android solo puedo enviar fotos a IPhone como le puedo hacer ? Ya fui a muchos lugares y no pueden 😭

14/02/2016 Samuel Johnson
Thanks bro I have the 6s plus on Simple Mobile and it worked thanks

09/02/2016 Fredy Henriquez
Hello and first of all, I like to thank you for taking the time to make this video. I was so frustrated cause I couldn't send or receive pitchers and your video fix the problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Just want to ad from my experience doing this steps. 1- Make sure you type in the correct information as he type on he's phone. At the beginning it was not working for me because I was typing the wrong information LOLI was getting mad and I was this does not work but I was wrong. I wen for a walk and came back fresh, and try it gain and  it work!!!2- After typing the right information as he does it on the video and after double checking 4-5 times still didn't work  :  How ever on he's video he didn't type simple on the LTE set up optional. You hats' to type SIMPLE on the LTE SET UP OPTIONAL if you don't it wound work at leas for me.3- After doing all this steps turn your phone off wait at leas 30 seconds and turn it back on and it should WORK!!!!!!!!! it work for me after doing what I just explain. Hope it work for you. Good luck and god bless you all........

18/01/2016 R Skin
Didn't work for me, I have simple mobile:-

16/01/2016 Sameran Barcoso
Why would my cellular data only shows the cellular data? no lte and no mms.. I have no mmsc and mms proxy.. Pls help me pls pls pls

08/01/2016 Dofinnocent
What kind of sim card did you buy ?, I buy a simple mobile Dual sim card standard and micro and I followed step by step but the data did not work. Furthermore, on the left corner of my Iphone 6, there is a 4G icon but not LTE icon as yours

04/01/2016 Naijaboothang
Thanks so much. This worked


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