iPhone 5S - Complete Beginners Guide

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  • This iPhone 5S Beginners Guide covers Everything about the iPhone 5S, from Touch ID to the Control Center, this 14 Chapter Video Guide has Everything you need to become an iPhone 5S Expert.
    Watch the iPhone 6 Complete Beginners Guide:

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    I hope you enjoyed this complete beginners guide on the iPhone 5S. Hopefully you learned something valuable from this tutorial and expert overview. Subscribe for More!

    Content Claim: All Video Clips and Sound have been either produced or licensed by AppFind. I use my own video clips and audio clips along with royalty free video clips bought from video hive, and royalty free sound from Adobe. I review the new iPhone 5S and show off the Complete Beginners Guide.
20/02/2017 Denny Romero
Great Job. Than You. This is very helpful. I get my new phone tomorrow.

18/02/2017 Steve Price
Its really helpful thank you so much

18/02/2017 TheGoldenGorilla
i'm buying this in 2017 :D LOL :D

14/02/2017 Anureet Kaur
hi I m using Iphn 4 plz tell how I download what's app web

12/02/2017 Anabella Carrillo
very useful, going to be a new Apple owner soon!!

12/02/2017 Hrishikesh Clash Royale
I buyed Iphone 5ⓢ just now!
This video will really help me!

12/02/2017 Rille Zegame
Hi, I'm new to iOS I've used Android before, but never iOS, and I have a quick question. When you add your iCloudemail account, can it be a Gmail or Google Email?
Thanks :

11/02/2017 Fouveaux
Really good job mate! Just what the doctor ordered for us Down Under

06/02/2017 Matusalem dardon
what is the red dot for

04/02/2017 JaySean Delos Santos
man..it took 2 years for me to buy an iphone 5s!..

02/02/2017 Reta Taylor
i am going to get one next week

02/02/2017 Kim Hong Ku
Thank you!

02/02/2017 Mohammad Kiani Poya
that is a very good guide for me. thank you for that

02/02/2017 Clash with Paul
watching in 2017 ...what is my life?☺

01/02/2017 Alexander Whiteman
What is that red flickering light in the top of the phone?

31/01/2017 Kazu Iwa
I'm currently using iPhone 7 Plus, but I can't deny that iPhone 5s is a delicate cellphone, it still works super well with iOS 10.2!

29/01/2017 ramonda raske
how do you delet things like people names

29/01/2017 harry evans
but commnts are funny

29/01/2017 harry evans
can i have that lov you

29/01/2017 Bikash Das
Thank u so much for this video I m getting my first iphone soon.....😃😃😃😃😃

28/01/2017 MARIO SMITH
Thank you thank you thank you. What an excellent video. Just had an iPhone 5S given to me and it's my first smartphone. I figured I'd be utterly lost. But this video is EXCELLENT: clear, good images, great explanations. I've bookmarked it and think I'll be using it all the time. THANK YOU!

24/01/2017 Mighty Hacker98
thanks bro. im on android right now but im gutting a iphone 5 in a couple weeks and i never owned a iphone

24/01/2017 Sophia SK
hi evryone i phone 5s has really great features and its different from anroid

23/01/2017 Rob Feiz
I\'m not sure but ,if anyone else needs to find out about how to use an iphone try Panlarko Simple iPhone Plannerdo a search on google ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my mate got cool success with it.


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